Who DOESN’T have a bump these days? As I was cruising an outdoor newsstand on Sunset the other day, I was generously reminded that being preggars is t0-tal-ly “trendy.” In 2012, Celeb Baby News has replaced Tinseltown Trainwrecks. Famous hollywood ladies are wearing panties again! Those who once toted Frappuccinos now solely carry green concoctions from Pressed Juicery, and their go-to accessories include Oversized Dior…..Diaper Bags. I’m especially smirky to know that – for once – the hype in hollywood isn’t all used up on celebrity spring chickens either. That’s right ladies – babies are OUR TIME TO SHINE. The fact that Jennifer Aniston, should she decide to “explore her options,” could potentially get knocked up and start her own “43 and Pregnant” blog of her own (yes, she is 43 and NO, selling her the URL to my blog would not come cheap!).  PS- Let’s take a moment to not forget that Katie Holmes’ 5 year contract is up. Look out ladies…you know who will be looking for a new baby mama!


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