Shredasaurus Rex

My mid section may be growing by the minute, but that doesn’t prevent me from frequenting my main haunts that keep me waking up in the morning – Barney’s, Saks, Fred Segal. Any place I can caress Choo’s and Loub’s, I’ll take it. Now, I know you have heard about the maniachal tendencies that us “Preggies” experience, because our horomonal system ends up enduring the biological equivalent of the Great American Scream Machine. And if you thought all that mumbo jumbo about “Mood Swings,” and “Murderous Rage” was just an urban myth – GUESS AGAIN. I would like to unveil some evidence – something I also like to call living proof of two angry mothers-to-be in the Saks Shoe Department. Consider this the aftermath of two anatomically engorged trophy wives shredding through strappy sandals – and the undying horror of Monolos that are too snug for swollen Preggers Feet. Shoppers, BEWARE.



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