PUNK your Husband: Four Months, Fast Forward

Dear Pregzilla Queens, Ever want to PUNK your husband? To do so, you will need the following:

1 Faux Baby Bump

1 Super Tight Shirt

A Pinch of Whiny Ass Attitude

2 Fat Jokes

A Cray Cray Mood Swing

1 Maniacal Smile

Now, I’m only 6 weeks in…..(which, according to “baby people,” I’m almost criminally insane for jumping the gun and telling any of my friends or family that I’m preggars before the 3 month mark AND starting this lil ole blog). So I decided to give my beautifully terrified husband Thomas a preview of the future. I made like Miss Cleo, skipped ahead and “babified” myself to the 4-month mark. SHOCKER: My husband looked slightly BAFFLED by my precocious “bump” – and as long as I kept up the whimpery, attitude laced with the hydraulics of a hormonal roller coaster – my huzzie kept his neck cocked for Ashton and a crew of producers to jump out and scream “YOU GOT PUNK’D, SON!” from a secret room. Oh honey, I may have a giggle pranking you now…..but only because I’m fully aware that in 7 months, the joke will be on ME.


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